Invest in gold and protect your wealth against inflation in 2023

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Invest in gold and protect your wealth against inflation in 2023

Swann Collins
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U.S. consumer prices index rose 6.4% in January 2023, after 6.5% in December, 7.1% in november, 7.7% in October and 8.2% in September, a four-decade high.

Gold price has been rising every month over 2022.

High inflation is back since 2021 and threatens your wealth.

You can use tools and the right strategies to react and get ahead.

How to secure your purchasing power when U.S. stocks are falling and mortgages rates are raising ?

How to take back control of your finances ?

Why is inflation back ? When is inflation to end ?

You are not sure how to answer.

This 55 pages electronic book is for you.



Massive quantitative easing by central banks since 2009 in the U.S. and Europe have been reducing the power of paper currencies. Printing billions out of thin air generates inflation of consumer prices and assets prices bubbles. Large public spending further lowers the purchasing power of paper money. These policies hit hard investors, entrepreneurs and workers.

If you have a business, if you’re an investor or if you think about making money by yourself, this book is for you. You may have heard about the importance of investing in gold, as a safe haven against inflation. You may have read how the yellow metal can easily protect your purchasing power over time and how it is a good hedge against inflation. Gold is the only international currency. No fiat currency, including the U.S. dollar, can match gold. Buying gold is an easy and smart decision. You can then make thousands of dollars selling your gold at the right moment.

Between April and November 2022 gold prices have fallen. It's a great opportunity to invest in the yellow metal before the coming economic crisis in Europe and the United States. Then gold prices shall rise. Such a scenario already happened between 2008 and 2011.

Gold prices have already started to grow in mid-November 2022. The big move will be in 2023.

On January 13, over the past 30 days, gold price has gained +6.24%, hitting $ 1,921 per troy ounce. Gold price was $ 1,807.40 per troy ounce on December 10.

This price hit $1,936 on January 27.

This a + 336 $ gain from October 2022 when gold price was around $ 1,600 per troy ounce.

On January 27, over the past year, gold price gained + 7.26%, higher than U.S. inflation (+6.5% in December).

Gold can protect your family wealth. Make the right move, go forward.

This 56 pages electronic book will answer your questions in four in-depth developments :






Why can gold store value on the long run ?

How does monetary history give key insights about gold ?

Why do monetary policies of central banks fuel inflation ?

How can you safely invest in gold, without intermediary ?

When should you sell your gold ?

How to manage your gold ?

In what gold mining companies should you invest ?

Can the gold standard return ?

In this self-help book I share with you useful insights about gold that I have collected for many years through first-hand experience, talks with experts and dozens of books. I give you my knowledge about investing in gold, about selling and how to deal with taxation of gains from gold.

In this book I have picked out only the best strategies that worked.

You will learn the key role of gold over centuries.

You will understand why people should buy this asset now to build their wealth and freedom and secure them in hard times.

It is still time to invest in the yellow metal. Gold will help you to protect your wealth and live life on your own terms.

Take back your freedom.

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About the author : Swann Collins is an investor, writer and consultant in international affairs. He has published more than 200 articles specializing in economy, finance and investments.

His books are published and available on Amazon both in English and French.

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